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Our "Bring Your A Game" workforce development classes will always be offered offsite to ensure participants can be on time for work. 

Free Activity Packs for children living in motels and subsidized housing (as referred by schools or social service agencies) (Sign-up is required)

Activity packs may include arts and crafts, puzzles, workbooks, (reading books provided per individual request) and items for physical fitness; e.g. jump ropes or frisbees. 

FAMILIES: If you have any needs such as food, clothing or other essentials, please go to the "Get Help" page and fill in the form. We want to hear how you're doing!

Join us as we come alongside vulnerable children and their parents. Help us show them that they are not walking this part of their journey alone.


Clicking on the donate button will take you to our fully secure Donation page which is hosted by Aplos. 

We need volunteers to join us onsite with after school activities, coat and backpack drives, and fun family activities to build a sense of community.


If you want to stay behind the scenes, we have many ways that you can help.

We work with latch-key kids, the income-restricted, and the working poor to connect them to relationships and resources so that they can develop support networks and not have to struggle in isolation.

We partner with apartment and motel managers, schools, and other agencies to come alongside of families in need.


To sign up for a class or event click on flyer.

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